Residential Surveys

All our reports are bespoke and tailored to the client and the individual property and not based on the usual standard paragraphs.  I undertake the following levels of survey:

  • Level 1 Residential property valuations.
  • Level 2 Homebuyers report level.
  • Level 3 Intermediate building survey
  • Level 3 Full structural survey
  • Structural/Building Engineer’s Reports

Homebuyers Level Report

The level 2 Homebuyers survey covers all categories in respect of the constructional detail of a property and advice and recommendations given on areas of concern.

The report is suited to modern properties and smaller older properties in good condition.

Intermediate Building Survey

This survey covers all relevant categories but goes into more detail in respect of areas of major concerns, areas where it is important that detailed information is passed on to the purchaser and areas where detailed maintenance needs to be described. 

In areas of no major concern the report will be as brief as level 2.

Full Building Survey

This report goes into detail in respect of all categories even those where there are no concerns will receive some detail by way of an explanation of building construction, architectural design etc. as well as the full information in respect of the areas of concern.

A full structural survey is the same as a building survey. The RICS changed the descriptive name historically in order not to cause confusion with structural engineer’s reports.

Structural/Building Engineer's Reports

Structural/engineer’s reports are specific reports undertaken in respect of isolated structural problems where advice is required.  These are not full surveys and advise on individual elements for example structural movement, dampness and other individual building defects.

Residential Property Valuations

For further details on this please go to the Residential Valuation page

We provide advice however wide or diverse, large or small. We endeavour to give piece of mind to ensure that you get the fullest advice and provide a detailed report identifying structural and other issues explaining the cause of these problems and advising on the various methods of dealing with the problem areas.

We take a pro-active view to property to help prospective purchasers to complate their transaction and not to frighten them off.

In addition to all types of residential property we specialise in period property in the city, town or country.

More detailed levels of survey are level 3 Building or Full structural Surveys are necessary in respect of larger, older houses and which have been significantly altered or extended. All levels of report are designed to ensure that you can make an informal decision in respect of the purchase based on the information we give.

Residential property is,likely to be the most expensive thing that a home owner will invest in and you need to be sure that there are no nasty surprises waiting for you.

A few hundred pounds could save a few thousand later.

New and modern houses are areas where purchasers believe that they can save money by not having a surveys but even newly built houses can have problems of construction, environmental issues and valuation considerations. A recent example is a perfect modern house adjacent to a park, which on inspection was growing Japanese Knotweed.