Building Surveying / Engineering

We undertake investigation of building defects and when undertaking inspections, we inspect and advise on causes and repairs necessary in respect of the following items:

  • Chimney and flashing details;
  • Rainwater goods including downpipes, gutters and gullies;
  • Roof – externally and internally (subject to access into the roof void);
  • External walls (looking for structural movement, cracking and bulging etc.);
  • Damp proof course and sub-floor ventilation.
  • Ceilings, walls and partitions internally;
  • Joinery and decorations (doors, window frames and skirting boards etc.)
  • Dampness internally using a damp meter;
  • Floors, solid and suspended;
  • Chimney breast support etc.;
  • Timber defects (wood rotting fungi, dry rot, wet rot, woodworm and death watch beetle);
  • We are not qualified electricians or gas heating engineers but nevertheless we have a working knowledge to advise on:
    • Electricity;
    • Gas;
    • Plumbing
  • Drainage – will try to life manhole covers to check the drains. We do not carry out drains tests;
  • Trees and shrubbery, which may have a direct effect on the property;
  • Outbuildings including garages and conservatories;
  • Environmental issues;
  • Rights of access/right of way;
  • Asbestos products. We are not qualified in this category but have a working knowledge to advise as to whether or not there are likely and dangerous asbestos products on site.

We cover the following types of construction:

  • Traditional brick construction;
  • Stone construction;
  • Timber framed including period;
  • Sectional building including ‘Crane’ and Wimpy concrete ‘no fines’